HHC Cross Country Meet

Finally, after 16 years the Floyd Boys got to host a home meet which happened to be HHC. As we get later into the season the Floyd Boys continue there rampage. Last Saturday at HHC the Floyd Boys had one of their best races yet. Leading the storm, we have All Confrence Andrew Hamilton who placed 5th overall with a outstanding time of 16:45. Next to hit home was Matt Riley who came in 8th place taking Honorable Mention All-Confrence, with a fast time of 17:05. After that Mark Hamilton uncorked a 15th place overall at a time of 17:19. Rounding out the top 5 was Nick Mires 20th and Sam Day 22nd both under 17:50 scoring Personal Best times. Not far behind them Brandon Grindatti sprinted home taking 26th place with a time of 18:19, followed by Brandon Frieberger who came in 41st, with a time of 19:20. ,

Sectional Cross Country

Making huge strides the Floyd Boys came in 2nd place in Tuesdays Sectional CC Meet, just 2 points shy of bringing home the championship. Bringing it home we have All Sectional Andrew Hamilton with a outstanding preformance coming in 6th overall with a fast time of (17:26). Next in the line up we have All Sectional Matt Riley who came in 9th place with a blistering time of (17:34). Not far behind, we have All Sectional Nick Mires, who came through and had a outstanding race, flying into the finish in (11th), with a Personal Record time of (17:42). Soon after Mark Hamilton drove it home taking 16th place, with a time of (17:51). Rounding out the top 5 we have Sam Day with an impressive preformance finishing (21st), with a time of (18:10). Our 6th man Brandon Grindatti finished next with a respectable (36th) place, at a time of (19:01). Jamie Windler rounds out the Varsity lineup coming in (52nd) at a time of (19:47). With an outstanding preformance at Sectional, we look foward to Regionals this Saturday, and hope to bring home once again the Regional Title.

Regional Cross Country

With a strong 3rd place showing at a wet and cold CC Regional, the Floyd Boys advance on to the Terre Haute North Semi-State where they will face 19 of the best teams from around Indiana this Saturday at 10:45 am (their time). Andrew Hamilton seems unstopable as he burned up the course posting an All-Regional preformance, coming in 6th place overall, clocking a time of 17:16. Next in the lineup we have Matt Riley who came in 23rd place, putting out a time of 18:03. Not far behind we have our pack, with Nick Mires (26th), Mark Hamilton (27th), and Sam Day (27th), all with respectable times of (18:10),(18:13),and (18:14). Next to come through the shoot we have Brandon Grindatti, who came in 54th posting a time of (19:24), chased closly by Jamie Windler who came in 57th, with a time of (19:35). The Floyd Boys are looking for that 'Golden Ticket' to state, and the team and/or Andrew Hamilton will hopefully get us there.

Semi-State Cross Country

Floyd Boys Ten, the last of the Floyd Boys Era, put up a stellar preformance placing 8th at the cross country semi-state in Terre Haute Indiana on Saturday. This race was the last for Seniors, Brandon Grindatti and Sam Day, but all of the Floyd Boys left the course with their heads held high. Floyd Cross has high expectations for next year as we get 5 out of our top 7 back. As for this years Semi-state, it was a memorable one. Andrew Hamilton, was the first one to cross the finish line in 32nd place, with a blistering time of (17:18). A few seconds later Matt Riley flew through clocking a time of (17:43) securing his place of (64th). As runners came through we found Nick Mires (74th) and Mark Hamilton (80th) file across the line with times of (17:52), and (17:55). They were chased gallently by seniors Sam Day and Brandon Grindatti who came in (93rd), and (120th) place respectivly, with times of (18:12) and (18:40). Rounding out our elite top 7 we have Jamie Windler (147th), who had a PR set on this course, flying through it in 19:26, 9 seconds faster than his race at regional.


For all the miles we ran in the, rain, sleet, or extreme heat, we knew that every mile we trained would bring us that much closer to victory. From Providence H.K. to Semi-State, each of us ran with our dreams of one day winning a race. For some long for the thrill of victory while others pursue it with a passion, by giving everything they've got everytime they step out on that course. As we placed high in most of the meets, and took home ribbions and trophy's, we never frogot why we were out there everyday pushing the limit. The pay off for all that work was the fact that we out ran 76.8% of all the teams we faced this year, coming only 1% shy of last years total. However, with outstanding coaching and 5 out of our top 7 coming back next year, next years outlook could not be looking better. For all of the Floyd Boys have their own stories to tell, their own races that inspired them and was unique only to them. For each and every one of those moments motivates us further, and makes us push harder than we have ever gone before. As we close up this year and eagerly await the 2003 Cross Country season, we will be out there training our hardest, running our farthest, and pushing the bounderies. For we are the Floyd Boys and our legacy has not and will not go untold.